Nadia Nadège
Nadia Nadège

Mues & Mutations : les multiples visages de l’intériorité

Musée Beaulne, 96 rue de l’Union, Coaticook, Québec, Canada, J1A 1Y9

The subject of self-portrait, which is both creation and self-creation, is at the heart of the exhibition « Mues & Mutations » proposed by the artist Nadia Nadège. From a transdisciplinary perspective, she produces self-portraits in drawing, painting, engraving and sculpture.

From our region, artist Nadia NADEGE develops her research on the facets of identity and the resilience necessary in our contemporary world.

Through her work, she constructs this ever-changing self-narrative, stimulated by the rapid changes in our society. She creates self-portraits from what is available in her studio to show how our humanity is hypersensitive.

Her portraits do not seek to represent a realistic figure, but to express the multiple forms of interiority. To explore this inner diversity, the artist uses a diversity of techniques.

• Drawing on paper evokes intimacy, fragility and the passage of time.
• Textured paintings bring the material to body and flesh.
• Engraving allows you to leave your mark, your brand and discover what is your imprint.
• Textile art, with its needle and thread, calls for bonding and connection, but also for the sensitivity of the skin and touch.
• The artist's book is to tell a story visually.

The exhibit thus presents drawings, engravings, paintings, the artist's books, « zines » (which are mini-books), and textile creations - of which a unique piece will be inaugurated on the occasion of the exhibit: « LE FIL DE LA CONVERSATION », a contemporary quilt made with artisan embroiderer Céline Miron.

Holder of a Master of Arts, UQAM and a DESC, in visual arts from Laval University, Nadia Nadège is a multidisciplinary artist-author. CALQ and MCCQ scholarship holder, the artist was invited by the Sorbonne (France), she exhibits her work in Canada, in the USA and in Europe. President of Inspirigo Studio and director of Campus, Nadia Nadège develops programs in cultural mediation and art therapy.

Opening on Sunday May 7, 2023, at 2 p.m.
Free admission