Collectif du corbeau
Collectif du corbeau


Musée Beaulne, 96 rue de l’Union, Coaticook, Québec, Canada, J1A 1Y9

The group Collectif du Corbeau presents the exhibit "Migrations" which brings together 4 artists: Ann Bilodeau, Laurence Bacon, Robert Peloquin and Yong Sook Kim-Lambert. These artists, interpret and transform interactions between humans, other living beings and social intimate and physical spaces.

The notion of MIGRATIONS is explored through the experience and aesthetic concerns specific to each artist. Whether it is personal displacement or uprooting, a historical or cultural perspective, or a commitment to realities and the natural world, each artist seeks to ask questions and to open up to discussions of others. This is articulated while preserving the integrity and the intimacy of the artistic process. It is the individuality and the respect that unified and launched the idea offered by these four artists who are both similar and dissimilar in terms of their training, their career and their life experiences.

The group was initially an inspiration and an initiative from the sculptor Robert Peloquin and was created in 2016, during the organization of the exhibit: Kakaki (kagagi) Raven Synchronicity / la synchronicité des corbeaux at the Cookshire-Eaton Art Gallery. The group included 3 artists (Robert Peloquin, Ann Bilodeau and Yong Sook Kim-Lambert) having a friendly bond as well as respect and admiration for their individual creative approaches. With the implementation of MIGRATIONS (theme proposed by Ann Bilodeau) at the Beaulne Museum came the inclusion of a new collaborator. The collective is currently being recomposed with the participation of 4 artists: Laurence Bacon (woven papers / mixed media) Ann Bilodeau (collages / bas-reliefs) Robert Peloquin (sculptures / stone, glass and metals), ( and Yong Sook Kim-Lambert (acrylic / chine-collé), (