Jocelyne Ménard
Jocelyne Ménard

Mémoire québécoise

Musée Beaulne, 96 rue de l’Union, Coaticook, Québec, Canada, J1A 1Y9

The exhibit « Mémoire québécoise », by Jocelyne Ménard, offers pictorial creations representative of her passion for Quebec's cultural heritage and for the urgent protection of our planet.

If Quebec scenes of yesteryear form the cornerstone of all of the artist's paintings, the notion of preservation and recycling may also find a space of expression within it. Indeed, objects found randomly during visits to flea markets and during garage sales gave rise to discoveries that were to be integrated into her work, thus creating the effect of a third dimension.

Well-stocked with objects of all kinds of shapes and textures, from jewelry to pipes, nothing is left out. The integration of these objects on the canvas sometimes takes on striking appearances. These objects made for a specific function now have a surprising second life!

Having been a student in Plastic Arts at the University of Quebec in Montreal, and despite her studies, Jocelyne Ménard became a civil servant in order to earn a living in an “insured” field. During her thirty-six years as a civil servant, her taste for the arts never left her.

When she retired, she realized that creation was becoming more and more important. Then came the fantastic idea to incorporate different recycled objects into her paintings.

She has been perfecting her technique for 13 years and has exhibited her work, always with the subject of Quebec heritage, in at least fifty symposiums and various exhibitions. This has earned her several awards, several interviews and several articles in social media during many years. She has just received a Gold Medal in Paris, France during an international exhibition.

Opening reception : Sunday, April 24th, 2022 at 2 pm. Welcome to all!