Gaëtane Dion
Gaëtane Dion

Faut pas se leurrer

Musée Beaulne, 96 rue de l’Union, Coaticook, Québec, Canada, J1A 1Y9

"Faut pas se leurrer" by Gaëtane Dion evokes, through a dozen pictorial creations, different objects that question our perception and our judgment of what we see, and shake our conscience as well as the quiet comfort of our illusions.

The artist’s meanings are inspired by both everyday life and another more enigmatic reality; a hazy reality, as elusive as it is ephemeral, which leaves a trace only in the borderless ambiguity of our imagination: the dream.

Oscillating between dramatic and playful, combining abstraction and figuration, the exhibit “Faut pas se leurrer”! stages different objects which, like decoys floating in an illusory reality, question our perception and our judgment of what we see and try to create bridges between the visible and the invisible.

Gaétane Dion was born in 1957 in the small village of Guyenne in Abitibi. She holds a master's degree in art from UQTR and has been practicing her art for over 35 years. Her multimedia practice revolves around questions related to the intimate. Through her observations and reflections nourished by her daily dreamlike reality, she looks aesthetically and plastically on this dimension where the visible invites dialogue with the invisible. For more than 30 years, her career has led her to present her work in Quebec, France, Spain and Texas during individual and group exhibits. She lives and works in Saint-Catherine-de-Hatley in the Eastern Townships. She has also been giving creative workshops for over 10 years.