Geneviève Kiliko
Geneviève Kiliko

Embrasser le connu

Musée Beaulne, 96 rue de l’Union, Coaticook, Québec, Canada, J1A 1Y9

The multidisciplinary artist from Sherbrooke conceived this artistic project by combining her original poems (sometimes in acapella ditties) associated with each work of art.

This artistic project combines her art with her poetry. She tells us about our little inner voice, which we don't always listen to, but which is there when we give it space. “ Embrasser le connu ” is to be “one” with this little voice, which frightens us, which seems unknown, but who, deep down, is part of our nature. It is something that we have always known, but that sometimes we have to wake up, and remember... It is in calm and in peace that it arises. To “ Embrasser le connu ” is to be confident that everything is already there, using the intellect and intuition in balance, of the heart and harmony. A confidence which has crumbled over time and which has denaturalized the human being from his true nature: harmony within himself and in his immediate environment. The spoken poems that will be presented with the art speak of her favorite themes: environment, continuous change and harmony.

Her poems are mostly accompanied by pianists Andy Bourgeois and Violette Lapierre.

The return of the QR code to combine art, poetry and music.   

With the help of your smartphone, you will be able to listen to the poems created for each work of art. Just scan the QR code and have headphones handy to fully enjoy the multi-sensory experience. For those who do not have a smart phone, we suggest downloading the "QR Scanner: Code Reader" app. So you can hear the poems. Another way would be to subscribe to Geneviève Kiliko's Youtube page. All poems and visuals will be online starting on April 24th.

About the artist: Working mainly in the field of poetry, music and visual arts, she associates her poetry and/or songs with her work. The artist addresses the theme of change in the flow of life. She talks about resistance, emotions and the passage that makes us slide from resistance to change. She draws parallels between inner peace and the environment. By cultivating calm, we sow seeds where actions are more alined with respect for the environment.

Opening reception: Sunday, April 24th, 2022 at 2 pm. Welcome to all!