Commedia Dell’Arte

Musée Beaulne, 96 rue de l’Union, Coaticook, Québec, Canada, J1A 1Y9

Artist painter Bolieu presents « Comédie des artistes », a subjective experience made up of 15 to 20 paintings, featuring the picturesque gallery of « Commedia Dell’Arte », characters. Each character is well-positioned with his typical mask and encrusted in the painting in the colors of his traditional costume.

Passionate about light that fragments and reflects the texture of a material, artist BOLIEU is especially stimulated by the illuminated pattern of the texture, and this inspires her other creations.

It is through this door that these masks enter her artistic language. In her abstract pictorial world, they allow an extravagant three-dimensional look and take the form of characters. The idea of « COMMEDIA DELL’ARTE » comes straight from her legendary fascination with masks. For her, they are the perfect representation of the machinery of the imagination; they know how to enchant, make you dream and bring you to be playful.

Therefore, the artist invites the public to her Expo-Theater « COMMEDIA DELL’ARTE », a painted and written play. The artistic approach behind this exhibition is one of non-figurative visual art in which are encrusted real Venetian masks painted by the artist and illustrating the specific character of each of the characters of the famous comic strip « Ribambelle ». Juxtaposed into the paintings, the spectators will be able to read the short theatrical narrative of a single act which includes as many scenes as there are characters.

BOLIEU is a painter and visual artist who practices abstract and contemporary art. She was born in Montreal and graduated in visual arts from several Quebec institutions. Today, it is in the Laurentians region that she creates art with passion. The artist wishes to transform this visual universe to the spectator by inviting their imagination to see what is not immediately visible and allowing them to discover what their brain does not register. Her work promote this open-mindedness and constantly renew the viewer's emotions, just as a philosophical tale is interpreted differently with each of its re-readings.

Grand opening : Sunday November 20th at 2 pm