isabelle Anguita
isabelle Anguita

Archéologie du sensible

Musée Beaulne, 96 rue de l’Union, Coaticook, Québec, Canada, J1A 1Y9

Through a series of sculptures and installations in the form of boxed objects created as part of her research and creation she conducted during her residency in Coaticook, Isabelle Anguita presents « Archéologie du sensible », a project inspired by an ethnographic survey which allowed her to conduct interviews with residents of Coaticook so that they could tell her the story behind a personal memento of their choice.

Since 2005, Isabelle Anguita explores in her paintings, sculptures and installations the notions of symbolic reconstruction of oneself through the visual reformulation of affective memories. With many objects from souvenirs, this cyclical process of projecting oneself into her creations through the invention of new visual narratives in turn becomes the basis for new works of art. It is a liberating creative process, rooted in reality.

This exhibit revolves around the themes of identity, mourning, traces and resilience. These are illustrated by some fifteen sculptures and installations created following an artist residency in Coaticook. During this residency, Isabelle conducted interviews with residents of Coaticook so that they could tell her the story of a personal memento of their choice. She then highlighted recurring meanings and motifs with strong narrative and visual potential as well as a particular resonance with the themes running through her personal approach. This approach allowed her to integrate the voice of the participants within her work, thus mixing the intimate and the collective. The creations in the exhibition are linked together through the use of domestic objects and textiles, often personal, as well as natural or fake materials (flowers, shells, fur). In addition, the use of craft techniques such as clay modelling, tin soldering, and various textile, creates a universe which, added to references from popular and domestic culture, immerses visitors in a familiar and nostalgic atmosphere.

Raised in France, born in Oceania to Spanish and French parents, themselves emigrants from Morocco, family memories and childhood souvenirs are the anchor of Isabelle Anguita's work. Having used photographs and archival documents, she now uses the nostalgic fascination exerted on her by objects from an obsolete everyday life to create sculptures and installations that reformulate a new intimate narrative.