Brigitte Dahan
Brigitte Dahan


Musée Beaulne, 96 rue de l’Union, Coaticook, Québec, Canada, J1A 1Y9

Brigitte Dahan's « Apparences » is an exhibition which explores the gap between the image we have of ourselves, the one we want to project and the one perceived by others. Wall pieces, suspended installations and sculptures will translate this concept concretely.

As part of her sculptural practice, Brigitte Dahan mainly works with clay.

In the exhibition « Apparences » she explores the theme of image and communication. At a time when social media exacerbates the desire for an idealized self, our virtual image is often far removed from our inner life. It is this gap between the image we have of ourselves, the one we want to project and the one perceived by others that she explores in the exhibition « Apparences », which is also a reflection on the unspoken, self-censorship and self-imposed confinement.

In the exhibit you may see pieces on the walls and sculptures, some of which are monumental, enliven the exhibition space; several incorporate lighting elements; a large mural is composed of around twenty masks engraved with electronic circuits and gathered around a digital avatar; several sculptures represent characters, some on a human scale seem to want to engage in conversation...

The color Red, omnipresent in many otherwise monochromatic works, acts as a common thread, a symbol of both biological and psychological life. The whole creates a mirror effect that brings the visitor to the heart of an intimate reflection on their own image.

The creations presented are strongly marked by textures produced by molding, stamping and engraving. These traces, vestiges of a past time or expression of an interior world, constitute a visual vocabulary in which underlying and recurring themes in the artist's practice are evoked, namely the relationship of the individual to the group, the finitude of the body and the biological cycle of life.

Based in Bromont in the Eastern Townships, Brigitte Dahan holds a bachelor's degree in visual arts from the University of Quebec in Montreal. After exploring painting and photography, she seeks a more immediate connection with matter, which she finds in working with clay. It is in a unique way that she explores this medium through a production of sometimes monumental sculptures, installations and three-dimensional murals. She regularly participates in exhibitions and is the winner of several prizes, including the « Sculpture Desjardins prize » in 2019. She was also a finalist for the 2019 and 2021 editions of the François Houdé prize. Her work may be seen in many public places, particularly in Estrie and Abitibi, and appear in several private collections in Canada and the United States.

Opening reception June 5th, 2022 at 2 pm