Janick Ericksen
Janick Ericksen

Ailleurs… On ne peut oublier nos racines, elles nous habitent toujours…

Musée Beaulne, 96 rue de l’Union, Coaticook, Québec, Canada, J1A 1Y9

Following trips abroad and artist in residency in Coaticook in 2017, Janick Ericksen wonders about her ancestries, because she is confronted with beautiful sceneries. The pictorial project “Ailleurs…On ne peut oublier nos racines, elles nous habitent toujours” is the answer to this questioning.

Painting for Janick Ericksen is a privileged moment when she can completely let herself go and examine her inner spirit. The depths of the human soul call out to her. She paints to convey an emotion and not a specific subject. She enjoys exploring art as a whole, both lines and textures. She particularly appreciates warm colors. Her way of painting emphasized itself over the years, evolving from realism to abstraction.

In this exhibit, the artist's paintings are generally composed of somewhat imprecise scenes sometimes bordering on abstraction, thus allowing the imagination of the observer to appropriate the space. Her work seem to come from another era and we can perceive large natural spaces, always imprecise, to which she likes to give the impression of a human presence, all composed of subtle tones and a warm and enveloping palette.

Born in Outaouais, Janick Ericksen now lives in the greater Montreal area (Quebec, Canada) where she practices her art. Drawing was always part of her childhood. In 2005, the appeal of art became a must and she began a second career as a painter. Self-taught, she recently began training at the Bishop's University in Fine Arts.  Everything that touches her is a source of inspiration and she adopts painting and the creative act as a way of life.